28 February 2007

The Gourds

Before we leave for the UK on Sunday I thought I would put in a pic of the Gourds. This is the Champion Gourd. You can eat gourds or let them dry out and use them ornamentally or to make water carrying vessels, bird nests etc.
I am very proud of my gourds and wished that i could have kept them until they dried out. I brought my gourd seeds to QLD so that Corinne's mum can grow some in the Sunshine State.

We ate some young ones and they were pretty good.
Corinne also looks pretty hot in this photo.
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Anonymous said...

The gourds are going to be fun to grow. Lal and I have some super ideas for them. Corinne is a lovely girl - you are a lucky man :-)

Nise said...

That is one huge gourd, you could make a great vase with that! Hope you are having fun in England. xoxo