11 March 2007


We've arrived in Birmingham where we will be living and working for the next 6 months. We are only a 2 hour train ride from London so we can go back and shop whenever we want! This is a picture of our bedroom above the clinic. We are living on the third storey of a terrace house where the bottom level is the Vet clinic where Corinne is working. Ben is going to be working about 30 minutes away in Castle Bromwich. Our flat is pretty good and we have a brand new Fiat Punto to drive around in.
We are now the owners, directors and staff of Warnick & Brunner Ltd our Veterinary Consultancy company!
We start work tomorrow.
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Nise said...

Hey, this is awesome...because now we can see all your travels...Iam quite jealous. Adam just booked a Fiat Punto for our honeymoon!! Maybe we are off to England? Hope work is as much fun as travel.

PS corinne check your mail because I got the bridesmaid's dresses.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are settling in. How was sleeping in your new flat? Not too noisy or cold etc. Good luck tomorrow starting off in the jobs.xoxox