1 April 2007

West Midland Safari Park

Today we went to the West Midlands Safari Park. The park is about 30 minutes away in Kidderminster. You get to drive through the animal enclosures and they come right up to the car and look in your window.

This is a white rhino. There were lots of african and asian animals like lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, zebra, eland, wildebeast, wolves, deer, wild dogs, camels, nilgai, hippos and seals.

We had a fantastic time and you get really close to all the animals. When you drive through the dangerous animals like the tigers and wolves you have to keep your windows up and you drive into big gated areas like in Jurassic Park so the animals don't escape.

This is a Barbery Sheep who was a very friendly little fellow.

We both got to feed an eland, a giraffe and a nilgai. The elands were really funny and walked from one car to another to get fed. Unfortunately it was school holidays so there were huge traffic jams and people kept wanting to move forwards so we're going back when it's quieter.
Here are some of the animals in the park. They have a lot of white animals which people must think are great. They have white tigers, white wallabies, white deer and a large pride of white lions which are very rare and have been breeding. They had 4 cubs last year which is pretty impressive. I love the giraffes wandering among the cars. It was like watching dinosaurs walking past the car and when you fed they had to stretch right down over you into your window.


Nise said...

wow, this place looks pretty cool. Wish I could be there and see it too. xoxox

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful zoo. Did you see any animals that you might like to examine? Your big grey and white boy is doing well, loves the garden :-) xxooxx