12 August 2007

Goodbye Wing Dragon


Sadly on Sunday 12th August 2007 we say goodbye to the Wing Dragon. On a sunny, too windy day in Bridgend. Wales, the Wing Dragon took on a life of its own and flew away. Ben the gallant controller had not a chance of turning the dragon around and both Ben and Downy watched in despair as the wing dragon flew crazily away with a flourish of loops and very little control. Looking back at the situation it was much too windy but i thought i could control her. We searched in the fields and trees and got shredded by ditches and blackberries without any luck. Hopefully no one was hurt or anything damaged. The only positive from this is that now i can get a new better plane without the excuse of not needing two planes.


Barkfoot said...

You see them emerge fresh from their pristine box, assemble them and charge their little batteries. Teach them to fly and to land without snapping their wheels off, but you've just got to accept that one day they will fly away, never to return. Tis the way of the RC plane, you have to let them find their own way in life.....fly free little one.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see it go, but looking forward to reports of the adventures of a new,bigger and better model. xxx