1 March 2008

More Cottage pics

Here are some more cottage pics


Discussing ice and beer on the Lake


My Ice fishing hole in the lake - about 40cm deep, strong enough to drive a big car on. You can here it groaning and cracking at night - very eery.


A big lake covered in ice and snow


Liv, kay and corinne on the lake with the rink and the boat house in the back ground


The canadian boys playing ice hockey


Bonfire on the ice - it does not melt the ice more than about 5cm.


Corinne and kay pretending that they are good at ice skating - soooo much better than me and downy and liv.

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Anonymous said...

You all look like you are having so much fun. Makes me want to travel again. Don't the girls look great on the skates? Ice hockey boys look pretty good too. xxxx