14 August 2008

This is the End my friend


Unfortunately the Sun is setting on our wonderful home in Hunningham. We have spent 6 fantastic months here and tomorrow is our last day of work. We are excited to finish and go on holidays but I am certainly sad to leave my clinic. It is easily the best job I have had and may struggle to be beaten in the future. I have had a good mix of clients, work, nurses and friends and it is a beautiful country area.

All good things must come to the end and I am happy we have had the chance at all to work in this area. Thank you to all the people I have worked for and with and I hope you all prosper in the future (a very mature thing to say).

And lastly, remember that life is too short and hard to be serious all the time so remember me being an idiot and laugh.



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Anonymous said...

Very nice comments, Ben. I hope you find somewhere just as nice for your next job :)