30 September 2008

The wild dogs of Greece

Greece is a haven for the unowned animal. All through Greece we came across a huge number of community owned animals. There are water bowls left out for them and bowls of food here and there. There also many metal and plastic structures known as bins where the animals congregate too. Athens particularly was full of car chasing dogs and it was surprising that the roads did not run red with blood from the games. We saw a stray dog in the kephalonia airport, there were dogs sleeping in the middle of the main rd in ithaca, dogs asleep on white washed walls of santorini overlooking the caldera and there were sleeping fat dogs lying in the doorways of expensive jewelry shops in Chania. There was also lots of dogs willing to finish off your meal at many tavernas.

There are a lot of stray cats too, probably more but the Greeks don’t like cats that much from what we saw and will feed dogs before cats.


Ancient ruin dogs.






This dog followed us for about a kilometer because i gave it a pat.

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Anonymous said...

Those poor dogs. I remember the cats in Italy. I feel so sorry for them all. :(