24 June 2009


Last week we stayed in Dubrovnik old town with Emma and Danny for a combination of holiday and Feline Conference in Nearby Cavtat (savtat). We got there via Sleazyjet and stayed in a couple of great apartments right in the old town square. We had brilliant weather and did a lot of swimming in the Adriatic, Eating beautiful seafood, mainly squid, and drinking too much. We also did some cat conference and walked around and saw all the sites. It was great to get back there again after going there for our honeymoon 3 years ago. The weather this time was perfect, 27-28 degrees and great swimming weather but not too hot.

We had a great time with Danny and even managed to get him home before he killed himself, which he tried daily with various disasters.

The Pupo Mini market - excellent for cold drinks
The view of the main square from our apartment
Croatian Gangsters, before breakfast
The beautiful blue, clear, adriatic.
Babs Beach as we called it, a place of swimming, Beers and Sprained ankles.
Karlovacko - a great Pivo for a 10am refreshment at Babs
The Girls and Boy looking good in the Plaka
We ate a lot of Seafood and Danny now states that he is actually now mainly squid protein.
Another mediocre view of the town, Harbour and a small boat.
The view from the Feline Conference in Cavtat
Drinking our 25£ cocktail at Gill’s Snooty Pop Bar.


The Pettet Co. said...

... I want to go back! Great pics... Swimming in the Adriatic, the seafood, the alcohol, the excitement of keeping up with Dan's dramatic self-sabotage... and the company was OK too. How soon is too soon to return?

Nise said...

It looks beautiful. I love the ocean shots, makes me want summer to come already!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun, the swimming especially. The sea and the cocktail are both a beautiful blue. xxx