19 December 2009

Snowy Walk in the Woods

On Saturday it was a beautiful sunny day, about –3 and perfect for a walk in the woods.  We walked from our flat up to Hockley woods and revelled in the fantastic snowy environment.  England definitely looks a lot better covered in snow, less concrete and softens all the dreary bits.

We spent about 2.5 hours walking through the fields and the forest and saw lots of birds and lots of snow covered trees.  Alfie, our cat has been a bit shocked at all the cold white stuff and refuses to go out unless pushed our the window.  He looks about quickly then runs back inside to groom his furry paws.



Alfie checking out the roof.  He is a bit interested but realistically loves his comforts and cold, wet paws are not comfortable


Snowy field near the woods


Corinne expressing her emotions via dance




Snowy track through the woods



Snow covered Oaks – all looking great.


Gorgeous couple


A very strange little Robin that is either very friendly or sick.  He/She sat around and allowed us to take photos of him from about 20cm away.  He was very hungry so we bought him some food and are gonna take it out to him tomorrow.  Its generally very hard to get photos of these guys as they move about so much and are a bit shy.


From about 5cm away





Anonymous said...

beautiful photos, the cat in the snow is so cute, and also the robin, hope he is there again to take your food, hope you get a white christmas! liv

Auntyjan said...

Absolutely beautiful photos. You two look so great. I am not showing Bob. He could be a bit jealous of Alfie.xxx