16 July 2007


We went to London again on the weekend. It was just as awesome as last time except that it was faster and busier. This was probably due to summer as there were lots of American tourists.
We went to the National History Museum on Saturday afternoon. It was fantastic with dinosaur skeletons, stuffed animals, birds and other cool things.

Can you tell which one isn't stuffed?

Saturday night we went into Soho where China Town and Leicester Square are. We really like it here because of all the little pubs and the awesome chinese food. We had a delicious dinner of peking duck, spring rolls, chicken and jelly fish, deep fried squid and fried rice! Very good. Then we had a few drinks at a couple of pubs. We stood outside most of the night and saw Kylie Minogue get into her car after dinner at J Sheeky's down the road. We didn't get a photo but luckily the paparazzi are always around, so here's one of theirs. Kylie. The pub on the left of her is where we were standing.

Sunday we went to the Tower of London. The lines to get tickets were huge but it was really good. There's heaps to see like the royal jewels and the armoury.

We thought the penis armour was quite a good idea!


Anonymous said...

Great weekend for you both. It took a while to figure out that the middle guy is the one not stuffed :-) Only joking,Ben. You look really good as does our lovely Corinne. XXX

Nise said...

:) the armour. took me awhile to figure out what you were talking about.