8 July 2007

The Wing Dragon Flies

A few weeks ago I bought myself a radio controlled plane - The wing Dragon. I was very excited as I think think most boys/men would be. My plane arrived by mail in a huge box and I quickly assembled it and on the first night too it out to fly. One of the rules with these smaller electric planes is that wind speed must be very low or the plane is knocked around too much. So of course the first flight with virtual gales blowing wasn't very fruitfull: Three crashes and one particularly bad one at the end that broke the wing. I repaired the wing but since then about 3-4 weeks ago, the wind has been blowing every day and I was beginning to think that maybe the plane was a dud or I was.
Well today I looked out the window and the trees were still. The battery was charged so we ventured down to the park, checked the flight controls and then launched................................

What a magnificent site. The wing dragon flying, not crashing and me in total control, turning, up and down, a loop and throttle control. We had 4 flights with 4 perfect nose up landings, not even a hint of a crash. Corinne and I were both ecstatic and we had 4 or 5 observers in the park too.

I now have renewed faith in the wing Dragon and myself and look forward to another windless day when i can take to the skies again!

PS neither of these photos are from today, they are form the first day of crashes, we didn't bring the camera today because we were sure it would be another sad day.

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Anonymous said...

Boys and their toys. Oh well I can't talk - you have seen my toys!! I am so glad you were able to get some really good flying in :-)