25 April 2009

Liv and Downy's Wedding

Here are some photos of Anthony and Olivia Down’s Wedding. They ware actually Shannon and Myles’ photos as we did not take any. Also we apologise for not having that many of the actual Bride and Groom. They are all great photos and it was a Brilliant Day and weekend.
Congratulations to Both of You!


There i am impersonating a Jaguar


The Wedding Party on one of the Jags


The Girls hanging out at the Jetty


The Bride and Groom


Matty and Corinne and a slight hint of the Fantastic Blue dress

Rachy and Me just hangin about next to the car Corinne looking Hot, was this a mistake or a carefully planned pose? Rachy and Shan looking ? The Mylo Man with the Shanny Shan Jeff and Matty


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun. Corinne is a hottie, you too, of course, Ben. I would like to have seen more of the bride and groom tho :)

The Pettet Co. said...

It's true, everyone does look even more handsome/hot evan than their usual standards of handsomness/hotness. Well done.