6 May 2009

The Grand Designs Interior Homeshow

A couple of Weekends ago we made the decision to drive into the London Docklands and visit the Grand Designs (TV Show) Homeshow. Grand Designs is a show on TV that describes the processes that people go through to build extravagnat houses in the UK. It has everything from amazing new builds to Barn conversions and underground hobbit homes. The show was in the Excel arena and it was a great warm sunny day. The drive into London was fine with very little traffic even though the London marathon was on. The show was huge and had separate areas for kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, food, interior design, eco etc.
This was a beautiful very solidly built table. Very basic but beautiful and large enough for a good dinner party Bizzarre Eco domes for eccentric Poms There were a lot of Cooking shows on with famous cooks using expensive kitchens. The above cook was Malcolm John who owns 3 london restaurants with 1 at least of them having a Michelin Star. He prepared a whole French duck into a tasting of Duck using a snappy digital kitchen.
There were many really great Kitchen displays which impressed us most. It was a real idea for us that a kitchen isn’t made up of rectangular benches and draws, cupboards etc. There were many great ovens and benches, cupboards, fittings etc that made the kitchens looks fantastic and much more functional, lots of good ideas for the future Farm house.


Massive bed made out of massive wood and really really cool


The Waterfront at the London Docklands outside of the Excel Arena

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a cool show. I'm sure you got lots of ideas for your own home.The weather must be getting better. You are in short sleeves. xxx