30 January 2010

The Miracle of Flight



Hello Fans

We are sitting in Heathrow Airport in London.  It is 11:06am and we are now 56 minutes past our allotted departure time. 

This is a bit sad as airports suck at the best of times but they are much worse when the plane is broke and they don’t know how long it’ll take to fix it.  Hopefully its something easy like a crack in the wing and they can tape it or put a bit of glue on, so we can get going.

We left Southend yesterday arvo after Corinne finished work.  It promptly started snowing as soon as we looked out side.  We caught several trains and tubes and finally got to our Jurys inn at Heathrow airport last night after 2.5 hours of staring at the floor of the train and listening to whinging, moaning, snobby londoners on the tube – I have added another person to my ‘List of people to kill’ when i eventually go crazy.  I don’t know her name but she whinged and moaned and pulled faces so much on the tube about our luggage that i thought i might vomit on her.

We woke up fresh as daisies in a spring meadow on a slovenian mountain side. 

However, now, after being at the airport for nearly 4 hours, we are starting to whilt.  At 12pm we have to go back to the desk of unflying planes and check what is happening with ours.  They have given us all a 7 pound eating voucher to placate us – we may get some sushi soon.

We are also hoping that by being 2 hrs late already that we will not miss our connecting flight in Brunei, which leaves only 1.5 hours after getting there.  Could be bugger if we do.

There could be further updates if there are any longer delays.


Over and Out


Auntyjan said...

Poor Fodger,
I feel so sorry for you. What a way to start a holiday :(

Auntyjan said...

Sorry Fodg, I meant to write Rodger but my typing skills leave a lot to be desired :)