27 August 2010

Las Vegas Gun Range

While we were in Las Vegas Corinne begged me to take her to the machine gun range. I wanted to relax by the pool and maybe see a show but all she wanted was guns, guns, guns. 

The gun shop was quite interesting, all the sales people had pistol belts on with large pistols or revolvers in them.  That way if you decide to be naughty or steal stuff and do some shooting, you are guaranteed to be shot quite quickly.  Nevada has quite relaxed gun laws so you can come in a buy your average household assault rifles and large heavy duty sniper rifles etc.

Las vegas 308_edited-1

Las vegas 309_edited-1

Las vegas 310_edited-1

Las vegas 311_edited-1

This one is perfect for that cat that keeps on toileting in your veggie patch.  You can set yourself up in a hide about 500 metres away and take him out from across the valley.  Or if there is a tank or armoured vehicle ruining your veggie patch, you can do the same thing – excellent.

 Las vegas 312_edited-1

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Janine said...

OMG, no wonder the Americans don't want their gun laws changed. Even I feel like buying a gun after seeing this lot :)