18 August 2010

The drive from Vegas to Glacier National Park

When we finished up in Vegas, we picked up our hire car, a Toyota Camry and started our drive north to Glacier national park.  We drove up through Nevada, and through Utah and stayed the night in a Salt Lake City. 

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah and is the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  They have a big church there and basically own the city and most of the state.  We visited the church and visitors centre and seemed to provide quite a bit of entertainment for the space cadets that were mingling there.  We tried and tried to have dinner in town but unfortunately everything was shut because everyone was at church or sacrificing goats or something similar.  We ended up at a burger joint in the burbs across from our motel.  The city is quite close to some tall snowy mountains where they recently held the 2002 winter Olympics so it is a good looking city from afar.

From SLC we drove west out to the Bonneville salt flats where the world land speed records are performed and where movies like ‘The World’s fastest Indian’ were filmed.  The salt flats are quite amazing and really are spectacular.  We also drove past the salt lake that the city is named after. 

From Bonneville the Satnav told us we had another 11 hours to drive to get to our next nights stay in North Fork, Idaho – Bugger it was already lunch time.

Corinne pics 192

The Temple

Corinne pics 194_edited-1

Corinne looking like a dirty infidel in front of the temple

Corinne pics 196_edited-1

Idaho 109_edited-1

Driving through Nevada and Utah.  The whole of the Central North West of the US is very high altitude and dry country, almost like desert.  For most of the 3 weeks of our road trip we were at least 2000 metres above sea level.  In colorado we spent a lot of our time at 3-4000 metres.

Idaho 153_edited-1

Snowy mountain ahead of us in UtahIdaho 170_edited-1

Idaho 244_edited-1

Standing in front of Great Salt Lake just to the west of the city.

Idaho 252_edited-1

Corinne looking sweet and blue skies in front of Great Salt Lake

Idaho 308_edited-1

Bonneville Salt Flats

Idaho 287_edited-1

Idaho 293_edited-1 

Idaho 300_edited-1

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Janine said...

Thoroughly enjoying the pics of your holiday. That temple is amazing. How many people fit in there?