29 November 2010

Beehive Cottage, Combs, High Peak.

For the next 4 weeks before Christmas we are staying in Beehive cottage in Combs, High Peak.  Combs is a lovely little village with some houses and a pub and we are next door to the pub.  We are surrounded by snowy farmland and hills and creeks.  There are great walks all around and lots of them go through other villages or past warm pubs. 

The cottage is amazing and has a fireplace, good kitchen, spare bed for distinguished guests and a nice upstairs loft bedroom.

We have already gone for a walk around Combs reservoir and seen some local rabbits and sheepies.  All the landscapes surrounding us are spectacular, especially with the snow cover.


A self Explanatory picture of our cottage name


The cottage from the road,  Chapel en le frith is just up the road


Our cottage with a christmas tree out the front, complete with lights


The pub next door, an excellent source of beer and food


The kitchen, large by british standards


The dining area and washing hanging area


The bedroom – for sleeping in.


The all important fireplace


The view from our kitchen window, a small creek, a field and often sheep and geese.

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Janine said...

The cottage looks just lovely, so cosy.Pub and surroundings look great too :)