1 December 2010

Snowy Walks in the Hills

Yesterday we went for a great walk from our village up into the hills.  The snow is getting deeper and the whole place just looks perfect.  There are still sheep out in the fields which is a bit harsh as they have to dig through the snow to find some frozen grass.  They do have thick wool but their thin little legs look cold.  We went for another walk today while it was snowing so we didn’t take the camera but it was amazing too.  We have already seen a lot of our valley so we will have to start trekking further afar soon.

30 11 10_0003_edited-1

Corinne and the car outside our cottage.  We got another 20cm last night


30 11 10_0015_edited-1

The road in the village – its white now

30 11 10_0008_edited-1

Sheepies in the snow

30 11 10_0018_edited-1

Our walk up the hill, beautiful day and perfect white snow

30 11 10_0020_edited-1

More snow sheepies

30 11 10_0021_edited-1

Brown Snow sheepies

30 11 10_0029_edited-1

Snow Corinne

30 11 10_0033_edited-1


30 11 10_0040_edited-1

Holly always looks good in the snow

30 11 10_0049_edited-1

Snow cows, luckily with some hay

combs panorama 1

Snowy panorama

30 11 10_0056_edited-1

The road home…

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Janine said...

Wonderful,wintry snow scenes. Will the sheep and the cows be put in a barn or do they stay out all winter?