19 December 2010

Cambridge Mini Visit

On Friday we drove from our lovely Cottage in the Peak District and stopped off in Cambridge for a few hours. 

We parked at the Madingly road park and ride and caught a bus into town.  Cambridge is so popular and has so many students that most people walk or ride bikes around town.  The Park and rides are very well set up, the bus is a good price and there are lots of parks.

Cambridge is a Beautiful city and is just filled with Colleges of Cambridge University.  The whole city is full of students and academics and amazing old architecture.  We walked around in the sub zero temperatures and took in the sites. 

Kings College is quite famous and has an amazing church and buildings generally.  We walked along ‘The Backs’ where you can go punting in summer when the water is not frozen. 

We should have spent a lot more time here but it is one of those places we will have to visit again in the future when we come back to the UK.

I would highly recommend Cambridge to anyone for a few nights stay, walking around, seeing the sites and shops and checking out some of the pubs and restaurants.


17 12 10_0573_edited-1

The round Church – built in the 1100’s

17 12 10_0578_edited-1

Corinne – looking gorgeous in front of some more old, pleasing architecture

17 12 10_0580_edited-1

The light fading over Cambridge

17 12 10_0584_edited-1

Just another old building

17 12 10_0591_edited-1

Kings college chapel – a beautiful building

17 12 10_0593_edited-1

The inner courtyard of kings college

17 12 10_0598_edited-1

17 12 10_0605_edited-1

Sun setting on the Chapel

17 12 10_0613_edited-1

Corpus Christi College

17 12 10_0611_edited-1

Moon rise over Cambridge

17 12 10_0634_edited-1

The end of the day, Cambridge.

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Janine said...

The buildings are beautiful and so is Corinne. xxx