27 May 2007

Goodbye my Love

Harry our hamster has broken a new record for Corinne and I. He has become our shortest owned/lived pet. Unfortunately we woke up saturday morning to find a small letter beside his cage. Harry said that although we had provided him with lodgings, a wheel to run on and a lot of food to store away he was just not happy. He has always dreamed of being a circus hamster and has left to find himself a position with Cirque de soliel. We now know why harry has been spending so much time on the internet looking at circus sites and learning french.
We are sad but harry left us a few numbers to ring if we want another one.
Goodbye my love:(


Anonymous said...

OMG did he run away? I was just getting used to him :{

Anonymous said...

Whaaat--! Okay, what's going on, some b----d's done something to him! Can you tell I'm in an agressive mood this morning?!

Congrats on your 1st Anniversary! The time has flown since we were all together that lovely weekend
Love Lalx

Anonymous said...

that really was a short lived pet, poor little thing.. happy aniversary too, The boys all say hello,
Love Tara