22 May 2007

Harry the Hamster!

This is Harry our new pet. He's a Syrian hamster and is very cute. We figured we should have one of these over here as we can't have them in Oz.
They only live about 2 years. He's a bit shy at the moment but he's getting used to us.

This is his cage which we got free from Ben's clinic. He loves his tubes- you can just make him out sleeping in the very top part of the tube. This is where he's decided his bed is. They are nocturnal so he sleeps during the day and is crazy overnight. When he wakes up he runs down to look around. He grabs every bit of food he can find and stores it in his cheek pouches to carry it back to his bed. Next to his bed (in the green tube) is where he stores all the food he has collected!

Harry's favourite new pastime which he only just discovered is running in his wheel. It's so funny to watch him running aimlessly. He runs for ages then hops off for a drink and gets back on. Here are some still photos and check out Harry's own youtube entry for the real thing.


Anonymous said...

How cute is he :-> I am not going to tell Bob!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, he's gorgeous! Do hamsters have "time out " of their cages? If so, he'll have little foodstores all around the house! love Lal x

Anonymous said...

OMG !! such a coincidence !! your hamster is the same as mine. your cage is exactly the same as my hamster's and so is the wheel !! my hamster also slept in the tube in the same place until we took it out cos we never saw him.

my hamster unfortuanatley died of a stroke yesterdays afternoon aged just 7 months old.