10 September 2007

Castleton Pub Crawl


On the weekend we went to Castleton in the peak district. It is a small town in the hills, last time we were here in march it snowed. On Saturday night we did a pub crawl at the 5 pubs in town. We started off at the castle and had dinner here too. Corinne had rump of lamb and i had a 1/2 a roast duck - both with excellent sauces and sides. We then moved a few metres up the rd to the George. here we had a drink and talked o the owner, he was very friendly and told us about the first owner of the pub who died in 1791 and is buried across the road - we saw his grave stone. next down the rd to the Bulls Head a larger pub and then off to the ye olde Nags head. The nags head was a bit run down and had what looked to be an escaped criminal or scary man there. I was happily looking through all my money at the bar when Corinne saw him staring at me very intently. We drank our beers and made our escape when he went to the toilet, running to the next pub, The peak inn. By the time we got here we were quite jolly and before we knew it we had made friends with the bar girl and 4 people at the bar. When this place closed we went to the last pub where we were staying - ye olde cheshire cheese inn. Our new friends came with us and the bar girl scored with one of the guys we met so everyone was happy. It was a good night and we didn’t feel too bad the next day.

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Anonymous said...

Once again fab photos :-) And what an exciting social life - sounds like good fun. See you soon xxx