2 September 2007

Walking in The Malvern Hills

Here are some pics of us walking in the Malvern hills on Sunday. It is a small range of hills near Worcester about an hour from Brum. We were very high up and had a great view of the surrounding farmland and Malvern Town. It was very windy and overcast and there were a few gliders about taking advantage of the updrafts. We picked blackberries on the way down for our dessert.


The Worcester Beacon


Looking down on the path we just came up to the beacon.


A glider gliding


Blackberry surprise


The hills we climbed up to get to the beacon


Anonymous said...

What lovely views. Great photos yet again. xxxx

Nise said...

great photos...corinne you look nice and fit in the photo

Anonymous said...

Hey,you guys, looking forward to seeing you soon.
Have really enjoyed reading your postings.
I have got a new (huge) pair of 'togs' to wear on our pre- wedding girls day out, Corinne!
Love Lal