14 October 2007

Byron Bay

Here are a few pics form our time at Byron Bay on Northern NSW’s. We stayed for three nights and had a great relaxing time with lots of Sun, sand, waves and hail storms. We also went to Mullimbimby in the hinterland and had a massage at Kiva spa.

We only just missed being ravaged by the hail storm as we walking back from the lighthouse. We were right up the top of the hill about and hour from home walking back down a when a nice young woman stopped and asked us if we wanted a lift. luckily we said yes as about 5 minutes later it was hailing big stuff.


Corinne, Byron Lighthouse and the coming hail storm.


Byron Lighthouse with some angry grumbling hail filled clouds behind.

The view from the southside of the lighthouse.

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Anonymous said...

Fab photos. A good thing you are not swimming at Byron at the moment - two shark attacks! Beach is closed. Looking good, Corinne.xxx