31 October 2007

In Memory of Maxy

Unfortunately on the 31st of October 2007 Max Warnick was Euthanased because of a severe case of Tick Paralysis. Max, Maxy or Dudley was a rare Siberian Prarie dog of an enviable lineage. Maxy was a ripe old 14 years and had a pretty good healthy life except for a bout of pancreatitis in the last 4-5 years. Maxy was an accomplished chicken killer and spent much of his early years ranging around the western suburbs of Brisbane looking for the delicious feathered meals.

Maxy escaped from the house on sunday and apparently met his first tick - Ixodes holocyclus in his lifetime. These nasty little arachnids inject a paralytic venom when they attcah to drink blood and cause an ascending paralysis over a number of days. Usually the first signs of a problem are a chnage in voice of the dog or hindlimb then forelimb weakness. Once the toxin is in it is very hard and very expensive to cure and often a fruitless exercise. Maxy put in a Valiant effort but succumbed to the little 8 legged turd of a tick.

He will be remembered by all fondly.


Ready for action in his Super Hero days


Sleeping heavily after killing a good many chickens


With a beer bottle top on his head after winning the local pub quiz

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Anonymous said...

Dad and I are so sorry that Maxy has died in this way. #$%* Ticks!
R.I.P. Maxy.