20 October 2007

The Happiest Man Alive


One day in the future someone will ask me ’what was your happiest moment in your life?’ That is obvious really and the picture above shows that moment or close to it. That’s me with a lot of fireworks and a 5 litre keg of beer. The rugby world cup final is on and even though two unworthy teams are playing it is still an event to celebrate. Me and Rob are going to watch and set off some fireworks and then drink. I have enough explosives there to take out my whole suburb so i am pretty excited.

Even better the fireworks are from ALDI and it was all CHEAP. If only Australia was forward enough to sell fireworks and alcohol and food all in the one store/


Anonymous said...

I am jealous!!
Aaahh..I remember the days when I lived in Sydney when firecrackers were still legal and James and I would throw them at each other *sigh*
Have fun, Ben :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can you imagine those foreworks in the hands of Ozzies! You look as happy as a pig in mud.