22 December 2007


Here are a few inadequate pics of our time in Barcelona. It is a really cool city with a great vibe, lots of bars, eateries, tapes and cool leather, clothing and knife shops. we spent three nights there, checked out the old town and sagrada familia, and second day went to Montserrat. We should have taken some pics of Los Ramblas, the main street with all the pedestrians, pet shops and drunks/hookers and also the markets where they sold so much cool seafood and meat and salad i could have died just thinking about cooking or eating it.


The Geese in the Cathedral


The Sagrada Familia, temple of the sacred familly, designed by Gaudi - a crazy man and as yet very unfinished. due to be finished some time after 2025, a very complex and expensive thing to build.


The famous Penis building of Barcelona


Tio the Christmas Log. A spanish Catalan tradion, as he sits under the tree and is fed with presents before christmas. On Christmas day he then poos them out - very strange but very common in Barcelona. To make him poop out presents the children either burn his butt or hit him with a stick whilst singing happy Christmas songs like

Pooping log,
poop nougat,
hazelnuts and cheese,
if you don’t poop well,
I’ll hit you with a stick.
Pooping log!

Strange but true.


Anonymous said...

Barcelona sounds great. Some very strange buildings though. I think you are making up the bit about the Poop song!! xxx:)

Unknown said...

You had a nice trip. I really liked your pictures. I also visited Barcelona and really liked this wonderful city. Barcelona today is an important cultural centre and a major tourist destination and has a rich cultural heritage. Most of all I liked Gaudi's masterpieces. They are really great and awesome beauty. They are visit card of Barcelona and whole Spain.