22 December 2007


We went for a day trip on the train to Montserrat in the mountains. We caught a rack railway up to the Benedictine monastery. The scenery was excellent with lots of large rounded boulders everywhere. The monastery is beautiful inside and we lit a candle for our families in the grotto which is dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat who people come on pilgrimages to pray for. There is a room dedicated to thank-you tokens from people who the Virgin helped. We also rode a funicular to the summit and went on a walk- there are lots of small chapels built around the mountains for the pilgrims to travel to.


The Benedictine Abbey of Montserrat outside of Barcelona originally built in 1025 but rebuilt again in 1939 after the destruction of the Napoleonic invasions earlier.


A Spanish Benedictine Cousin of Bob - El Gato


The Basilica


Walking towards the Chapel of Saint Joan, very cool, high mountains, made of sandstone/sea creature, fantastic views.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting scenery and places. I do like the look of El Gato. xxx