1 December 2007

Early Christmas celebration

Today we celebrated our early Christmas celebration. we wanted to have a tree and pressies and christmas dinner, which may be hard while travelling around spain, so we thought we would make it today, 1st december.

We started with our pressies, then a baked camembert with garlic, rosemary and thyme, crusty bread and then we have turkey crown with stuffing, roast veggies and finish off with plum pudding and ice cream. We will probably also have 1 or 2 beverages tonight. We also went and picked some wild mushrooms today called wood ears which grow on dead trees, particularly elms. They are easier to identify than a lot of the other nasties.








Anonymous said...

Early Happy Christmas to you both,

Anonymous said...

Yum! What a lovely Christmas dinner. The wood ears look a bit sus. but I am sure they taste wonderful. Happy Early Christmas to you. xxxAuntyjan

Nise said...

Merry Christmas. I think I see my little Italian guy hanging on that tree :)

Anonymous said...

Hey You Guys,Your Xmas Dinner looks and sounds scrumptious - wish we were there to share it with you! Also we wish you an early Happy Christmas and memorable travels in Spain! Love Lal (and John) xx