9 June 2008

Danny and Emma

Celebrations and libations to the Gods of Happiness,

Emma and Danny have survived there literally long and arduous trip through India, most people made it through their blog without expiring and now they are in Britain. Last weekend we caught up with Emma and Danny after they arrived from India. They are here to work and will be in Essex. We mainly spent time in a few modest beverage houses discussing veterinary interests and achievements and the effects the caste system still has on Indian society or lack of it.

Emma and Danny were in fine form and both looking very healthy and happy. we had dinner in China town and promptly went home as we all ate too much and the 7 hours of drinking was a bit tiring too.

Danny had bought himself the 50 best pubs in London book so we had gone to a few little hidden pubs like in the picture below. Not hidden but nice to stand outside in remarkably good weather.

On Sunday after parting with our dearest friends, we went to the British museum. It is very large and has some really fantastic collections. We concentrated mainly on the Classical section with the Greek, Roman and Egyptian displays.

The whole weekend was very enjoyable, mainly because we were reunited with some very dear friends of ours and also because it gave me a chance to try to write a similarly wordy (though not as many big words) as Emma and Danny did about India.


The second or third pub of the day, a pleasant outside area really lending itself well to discussions on the Punjab region’s many problems.


A happy, naked little stone man with his pet Budgie


A reconstructed or copied bit of something old.


The Pettet Co. said...

Dear Ben and Corinne.
That's more like it!
Emma and Daniel

PS I don't know if we are likely to get a matching w'end off any time soon, but we are planning to drive pretty close to Birmingham on the 24th July (which I think is a Tues) on our way to Chester (yes, we are going to the interview after all. Sigh). Anyway, are you guys likely to be around and would you object to a couple of house guests for a night...?

Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun to me. The standing around pubs, I mean. Believe it or not exactly what we did many years ago :) xxx