7 June 2008


Here are some photos of our local Lagomorphs. I have a confession, when i see a rabbit i am torn between their cuteness and a happy little animal enjoying its environment and desperately wanting to shoot and then eat it. It sounds terrible but there is a cave man living inside me and sometimes he wants out. They live beside our driveway in the horse/sheep paddock and i often see them when i am coming and going from work. The little one on the right in the first picture is quite young and would definitely be veal. There are actually quite a lot of them living in the hedge row.



MMMMM, onoions, fresh thyme, garlic, pepper, paprika, olive oil, stock, some red or white wine, maybe a carrot, some cloves and a bit of braising time!



The Pettet Co. said...

Dear Ben. While your description of the fascinating dichotomy that is your personality was amusing, we are deeply concerned about some glaring ommissions in your account of daily life in England. To be more specific, where is the fond and lengthy account of your trip to London last weekend? To be even more direct, fuck the rabbits, talk more about us.
Yours sincerely
Emma and Daniel.

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare, Ben! They may look tasty but they are so enjoying life. Sweet little babies :) xxx