21 June 2008


Today is supposedley the longest day of the year and we have decided to celebrate Midsummer or the summer solstice. Being a bit of pagan myself it suits me to celebrate fire festivals and harvests and that sort of thing. It is a beautifully typical British summer day too - Grey, cold, raining mmmmm. We are gonna go to a pub in Long Itchington with our friend Katrina and pour libations to the pagan gods of merryment.


The Pettet Co. said...

Hope you had fun celebrating the solstice. In traditional pagan fashion, we drank rather too much in Hertfordshire's hospitable beverage providing venues. We may or may not have done significant damage to some poor farmer's crop trying to find our way home through fields in dark. Hard to say.
Look forward to catching up on Tues!

Anonymous said...

Did you dance naked through the standing stones? Love that photo. Weather sounds ghastly. We are having a typical Qld winter - short sleeves and thongs :) xxx