1 October 2008

Athens Sundries

I have included in this blog some miscellaneous photos of Athens. I have also included some photos of our Athenian Ouzo adventure on the promenade. The ouzo really brought out the stupidity in us.


A big marble building on top of a big lump of marble in downtown Athen, or if you wanna be pedantic, a view of the Parthenon on top of the acropolis from the promenade with a pine tree in the foreground.


A tortoise, just hanging out in a 2000yr old ruin, he’s in no hurry.


Ouzo. As you can see the Greeks decided to adopt the ^<£$$*^%&*&(&*)( language. even if i wanted to i could not tell you the brand of the ouzo cos its ritten in hooboo language. Many of the nice tavernas we went to are unnameable too. You can’t just ring your mate and say meet me at $%&*, nah you have to say meet me at that place near the other place that has a big crack in the wall and is owned by the short fat greek chick.


Pre ouzo madness


Mid ouzo madness, there was a lot worse but i am too shy


This is a statue of a greek fella probably throwing something, maybe zeus, Herakles or some other naked man.


This lass is getting harrassed by a friendly little fawn/satyr who were well known to be very horny little guys, note his furry legs mmmmmm.

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Anonymous said...

Ouzo madness is a good little bit of photo journalism. Normal one minute, crazy the next. :) xxx