1 October 2008


Ahhhh Nafplio. Or if you prefer nauplion and nauplio. Nafplio is 2 hrs from Athens in the Peloponnese. This is a large important part of southern mainland greece. It was home to the mycenaean civilisation which was a golden period for ancient Greece. Aggamemnon ruled mycenae and was the leader of the Greeks in the war against troy. Nafplio is mainly a greek holiday spot on the coast and very near to another mycenaen ruin - Tiryns - the huge city wall said to be built by cyclops.

The Peloponnese is famous for uniting with others against the tyrrany of Athens. Sparta led the war against the Athenian empire and tiffed for about 25 years. It really led to the reaming of many parts of Greece.

On a less military note Nafplio was brilliant. We had sun, sea, restaurants, fantastic sunsets, Hot chicks, and a beautiful new hotel/pensione with a very personal breakfast service and aegean views. We spent our days swimming in the clear warm Aegean, we climbed the 1000 steps to the palamidi fortress, we dined, we drank and we watched the sunsets over the fortress in the bay. It was all very relaxing and pleasant and wa s agreat change from Athens. We even found that because we were not greek the local African ’sellers’ did not understand us so they did not bother us with there shit products.

I can’t emphasize how uplifitng our room was. we arrived by bus and then found we had to climb a very big slope via slippery marble steps to the top of nafplio. We opened our door to a brand new Mediterranean style room with coloured patterned floor tiles, stone walls, new curtains, a verandah looking over the aegean and a wonderful bathroom/toilet. When we woke up in the morning for our continental breakfast we sat on a sunny terrace overlooking nafplio and were served an individual meal of greek yoghurt, honey, orange juice, toast , jam etc and even a little toasted sandwhich. The hotel acronafplia in nafplio whic is named after the 3rd fortress which was directly behind us was probably the finest place we had in Greece. When compared to the others for price, service and facilities it easily excelled.


The acronafplia




Another crappy greek sunset


One of the local fishing boats


A view of the palamidi fortress over the beach we swam at.


Me in a rock hole that is under the water - you know.


The view we enjoyed whilst sipping on a cold cold amstel each afternoon.


A little cat that frequented our beveragerie

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Anonymous said...

Nafplio looks and sounds wonderful. That beach is sooo lovely. I love the photo of Ben in the rock hole. How clear is that water!!! xxx