4 October 2008

More Nafplio

Here are some more pictures taken around Nafplio. On one of our days we climbed the 10 trillion stairs up to the Palamidi fortress above the town. It is a tough climb and everyone was panting and sweating. The Fortress is huge and covers most of the top of the hill. It sits about 200 metres above the town and has far reaching views of the area and was builty by the venetians in the early 1700’s.


Fisherman from the Fortress


Lone swimmer in the clear green sea, from the fortress 300 metres at least above sea level.


Corinne standing in front of the nafplio peninsula. The acronafplia fortress, an older run down one can be seen to the left of corinne.


The bourtzi castle, the third fortress of Nafplio lies in Nafplio bay. We watched the sun set over this each afternoon from the comfort of our couch in one of the harbour cafes. The castle was builty by those industrious venetians in 1473.


A lone cedar against the Aegean


We swam at the town beach in the middle of this bay where you can see more white in the water. It was only 5 mintues walk from our house over the hill.


The Palamidi Fortress from town.


The Palamidi at night from the town square - made of very very smooth marble, disastrous in smooth soled shoes in the rain.


The tiling in our new hotel room - very pretty.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, to swim in that sea. It looks so beautiful. I can see why you liked Nafplio. Lovely! xxx