1 December 2008

Au Revoir!

Bye bye Liv and Downy,

This weekend we traveled to the very cold Isle of Wight by Hovercraft to visit Liv and Downy for the last time before they head back to the wonderful land of Oz. They are off to Australia in another couple of weeks which is fantastic for them but very sad for us.


It has been lots of fun visiting them and having them visit us all over the UK (and the world!). We’ve visited lots of pubs through England, played in the snow, gambled in Las Vegas, slept in the same rooms around America (separate double beds!- sorry about the snoring!!), visited Disneyland, ate a gazillion burgers, visited friends in Canada, attended a lavish New Year’s eve wedding for Matt and Kay, shopped in NY, purged Vet-related stories for hours, purged ’Australia-is-the-best-country-in-the-world’ stories, drunk lots, nursed hangovers together with tea and Sunday papers and generally had a great time.

collage 2008

So, we just want to say bye to both of you for now. We can’t wait for your wedding next year and to heaps more visits back in Oz one day!



Nise said...

Must be sad for them to go. I love all the photos from your last post as well. You and Ben look so relaxed in the photo at Naxos!

Anonymous said...

Sad for both of you. The memories are lovely. No doubt there will be plenty more visits and fun to come in the Land of Oz. I can just see the four of you doddering along together on your walking sticks. Oh wrong... I'm sure the boys will be on scooters terrorizing the footpath public :)

Anonymous said...

thanks guys, will miss you loads, come back to oz soon so we can come to your farm and you can come to our family home with the pool, bbq and a few little guiseppes,
see you in march!