15 December 2008


After 6 weeks we have finally moved from the dumpy 1 bedroom flat above my vet clinic to......


A newly renovated 3 bedroom terrace house!!!!

Guildford House

It is clean, bright and huge! Compared to the 1 bedroom flat it is luxurious. It will be very nice staying here for the next 8 weeks before we head back to Oz.


Here’s my lovely little Christmas tree covered in decorations I have collected from our travels. My favourite is still little Caga Tio sitting under the tree....In case you’ve forgotten: he’s the Christmas log that sits under the tree and poops out Christmas presents when the kids beat him (from Spain- I know, they’re weird in Spain)

And finally....check out this cheese!!! We couldn’t resist getting this massive cheese which we will devour on Christmas day- who needs a turkey!


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Anonymous said...

So glad you have moved into a house after being squashed in the flat. Merry Christmas! :)