4 December 2008


Ok...we’re almost finished with Greece...sorry it has taken so long,,but there are so many lovely photos and I have some spare time so you’ll all just have to put up with some more of Greece!

After the wonderful Naxos we flew, (via Athens), up to the Ionian Islands- first port of call being Corfu. We stayed in Paleokastritsa, a beachside resort about 30 minutes from Corfu Town. The weather was much colder than the rest of Greece. Unfortunately we didn’t have the best time in Corfu. It’s very touristy and we stayed in a very tacky hotel with heaps of English tourists who stayed around the pool, ate the worst buffet breakfast known to man, ate lunch at the pool and a roast dinner buffet in the hotel, then consumed cocktails and watched the soccer in the hotel- all this despite being in Greece, having the beautiful beach at their doorstep, having great food at tavernas across the road and plenty of nice places to spend an evening! That pretty much sums up how the English like to holiday (sorry if there are any English people reading this, but it’s true!). Despite this the scenery was beautiful and we did some great walking up behind our hotel, ate some great food and met a lovely kitten that we wanted to steal!


Here are some scenes from Corfu Town- we did a day trip to explore the old town.


Always time for a refreshing beverage under the trees!


Moat around the old fortress in town- the middle picture in the collage is us on top of the fortress.


View from the top of the mountain behind Paleokastritsa.


Our dodgy pink hotel (don’t stay here!!)


......It did however have a beautiful view from the window.


Olive groves on the walk we did up the mountain behind Paleokastritsa. In the Ionians they let their olive trees grow very tall and catch the small olives underneath it with big nets that they lay under the trees. In the rest of Greece the olive trees were kept stunted so they can reach the olives more easily.

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