27 July 2010

Las Vegas – The Strip

We were walking down the strip surrounded by an amazing variety of people from mums and dads to hookers and drunk homeless men and lots of mexicans advertising strippers.  2 young black boys on bikes rode by us almost falling off their bikes with excitement.  One boy then commented to his friend that Vegas was the greatest place in the world.  I think they had just passed a semi naked girl of some sort, very small clothes at least.

Vegas has got the most amazing people watching of every sort from glamour to drunk teenagers being supported by drunk mums and old bald men getting their pics taken with silicon hookers – all very interesting.


Corinne pics 176

The pool are at the MGM, about 8 different pools, lots of cocktails and hotties

 Las vegas 157_edited-1

New York, New York

Las vegas 162_edited-1 Excalibur

 Las vegas 163_edited-1

 Las vegas 159_edited-2

The MGM lion

Las vegas 173_edited-1

The wife looking radiant

Las vegas 174_edited-1

Thats where we stayed

Las vegas 183_edited-1

Interesting architecture of buildings near aria

 Las vegas 190_edited-1

The Aria casino, very new and very snappy.  We hammered the buffet here, lots of lobster, crab, prawns, sushi etc

Las vegas 196_edited-1


 Las vegas 202_edited-1

The wifey with the Bellagio in the back ground, the fountain shows at night were spectacular again

 Las vegas 208_edited-1

The foyer of Caesars palace

 Las vegas 211_edited-1

The high rollers club

 Las vegas 212_edited-1

David, a nude man

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Janine said...

All looks absolutely fab. I just hope Dad and I make it there one day.