17 June 2007

The cotswolds 2

We went for a walk down into the painswick valley and looked at some of the old mill houses built along the River
This is the Church across the Road from the Falcon Inn where we had dinner on Friday night. The topiary on the Yew trees was just amazing!
This is Wifey looking gorgeous in the Model Village in BOTW.
This is another Old Mill House in Lower Slaughter. On Saturday night, on advice from our B&B owners we went to a very small village over the Hill and via a very one way road to Sheepcombe. They have a great little pub called the Butchers arms with really good food, beer and waitresses. As an entree we ordered some roasted camembert with bread croutons. We assumed this would be a few bits of camembert but no we got a whole 4-500 g oozing hot camembert between the four of us. It dissapeared quickly and was followed by some Steak, ale and mushroom pies and lasagne. We made our way back cautiously along the perilous, dark one way road through the forest and back over the hill. We spent the rest of the night at the Royal Oak Pub in Painswick where the beer is cold and the service awful.
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