17 June 2007

The Cotswolds

This weekend we met up with Liv and Downy in Painswick - a small village in the Costwolds. The cotswolds is a region near Bath and Brisol and is Classic English countryside, full of quaint stone villages, streams, rolling hills, forests etc. We spent much of Saturday in and around Bourton-on-the -water, Lower and Upper Slaughter and Stow.

We went to a model village in BOTW and also walked between the two Slaughters - a hot sunny day in the fields. We had an excellent lunch at an overtly christian cafe that had jesus music playing and little handouts everywhere - the food was great.

There are many beautiful houses around, all made of similar coloured cotswold stone and also many large estates and manors. There is some serious cash in the Cwolds with the main cars driven being ferraris, porches, BMW M3's, mercedes etc. Many actors and famous people live or have homes here.
On The friday night we went straight out to Dinner in Painswick to the Falcon Inn. We had some very nice food like rack of lamb, venison and steak with veges. We also had XXXX and Fosters on Tap - hilarious really. Afterwards we were invited to a Dance out the back of the pub that actually ended up being another strange overtly christian gathering where we were invited to attend some sort of Goat sacrifice in the park the next day - no not really but we were encouraged to go to a christian wholeness party.
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Anonymous said...

You both look great. Liv and Downey look great. The countryside looks great. The food sounds great. Wish we could be there with you. Maybe....next year. XXX