23 June 2007

The road less travelled

After so much drama with our little man harry we have now discovered after many hours of tearful discussions that our boy is sick of his cage, hamster mix and Birmingham. Harry has decided and is quite adamant that he wants to join the French Foreign Legion. We found his stash of magazines - hoping they would only be soft core hamster porn - but instead dog eared mounds of the legion magazine.
Harry yearns for a life of action, fitness and possible heroics in dark foreign lands.

In a way we are proud as harry wants to serve and obey in a tough outfit that travels all over the world. On the other hand we are worried for our little man. The legion is known for its tough assignments and strict rules - we would hate for him to be hurt or even killed in a far away land working for what is basically a bunch of criminal mercenaries.

We have pleaded with harry that he stay and possibly join the Blues and Royals - he is a big prince william fan - he said he will go out tonight with his mates and make his decision tomorrow.

Good luck to us and our little man hey.
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Anonymous said...

Has Harry run away again?? Poor little beggar, yearning for adventure and the big wide world. I am sure you have explained the dangers to him. Oh well, best of luck to all of you. Perhaps he will be decorated and make you both very proud :) xxxxx

Barkfoot said...

I heard they make you march for miles with 50 grams or more weight packed into your cheek pouches!!