17 June 2007

Kemble Airshow - Cirencester

Today we went to the Kemble Airshow in the Cotswolds. We had a really good time and it was the first airshow i had been to.
There was a huge variety of aircraft there, from the Red Arrow aerobatic team, many small training jets, tiger moths, other prop driven aerobatic planes, older planes like spitfires and p47 thunder birds, tornado and harrier jets, helicopters, hercules and more. It was a full days event and there were thousands of people there. They even had a few large radio controlled planes there, both props and jets.
There were no crashes which was good as there have been some horrific airshow problems in the past.
It was amazing to see many of the plane sclose up and also hear the noise that they make when flying low and fast. When the tornados flew past at the end witht the afterburners on i quickyl developed sore ears and a head ache.

From top to bottom.

Lynx Helicopter

E3 sentry Awacs


C130 hercules

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