17 May 2008

More Birds

Today I saw a Yellowhammer on the rd to Offchurch. They are a really good looking bird like a yellow canary, but we don’t get them in our garden. They seem to hang around the oil seed rape fields which are the same colour.

We also now are getting more starlings, rooks and jackdaws in the garden. This is annoying because they are bigger birds and flock together and scare off the smaller birds.

None of the photos below are mine, I have borrowed them from other websites.




Goldfinch - I have seen these in our yard once - this is a male.


Jackdaw - from the crow family


Rook - an ugly bird that hangs around in groups and nests in colonies called "Rookeries". They are noisy and scare off the finches.


Starling. We have these in Australia and they are real pests.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like the look of the Jackdaw but the Rook looks scary. The finches are of course, just lovely. Stay away from the starling - can cause quite a few health problems in humans. xxx