26 May 2008

Newcastle, Ruby and Harry

This weekend we drove up to Newcastle to visit Ruby and her baby, Harry. We also looked around the area, visiting Hadrian’s wall and also going to the Northumbria county show.

On Saturday we had a look around Newcastle city and then went and visited Ruby and Harry in Hexham, about an hour away. On Sunday we visited Segedenum and also Housestead’s fort which are part of Hadrian’s Wall. Housestead’s fort was great, it was in a beautiful wind swept, wild farming area and had a good solid bit of wall remaining as well as the remains of a roman fort built to guard the wall. Afterwards we had lunch at Ruby’s mum’s house in Hexham. The food was fantastic and we spent much time making Harry laugh, he is a very happy little man. On Saturday night we caught the metro into town and had dinner and some drinks in the Quayside area of Newcastle. We had a nice Italian meal and then sat by the window in a pub and watched all the hilarious drunk people of Newcastle walking around. Newcastle is Britain’s Hen and Stag night capital and even on a Sunday night the place was overrun with them. Today we drove to Corbridge for the Northumbria county show. It was very very busy and huge with an amazing number of tents and displays, animals, shops, food etc. We bought a squirrel to eat and some venison and wild boar sausages. We also got some local cheeses and a leather bag for Corinne. We found Newcastle and the whole area to be great and especially noticed how friendly and safe Newcastle felt compared to some other cities we have visited.




Hadrian’s wall at Housestead’s fort


The fort ruins



Harry, an always happy baby - excellent


A very solid Sheep rump


A very large tame owl at the show


A very cute snoozy Gpig.

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Anonymous said...

What a great weekend! Newcastle sounds as though it is fun. You both look great :)