26 May 2008

Our Guppy Babies

For Those of you who don’t know, we are now proud parents. Over the long weekend we went to Newcastle to visit Ruby and her baby Harry. When we cam back today Jemima had produced a huge number of babies. There are about 20-30 of them and they appear to be doing very well. We have had a fish tank now for about 6 weeks and already we have babies. Jemima was looking a lot fatter and had really slowed down. We also have jane and guiseppe. Jane looks pregnant too so we may have more babies soon.



They are very hard to get photos of because of the water, focusing, movement etc.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Are you sure they are not tadpoles - what are you going to do with all of them? I can just see a row of tanks in your living room. We bought some new fish after the disastrous demise of all bar the biggest one. Hope this lot survive. xxx