3 May 2008

New York - Finally

We have been a bit slack and slow but here is the final episode of our holiday in December and January. We spent the last four days of our trip in New York. We stayed in the Wellington hotel which is very central to all the goodies like central park, times square and much more. We looked all around Manhattan, took a ferry out to the Statue of Liberty, went up the empire state building at night, ate a few street vendor kebabs, had some great japanese and italian food, shopped, and did a lot of other touristy things. It is a cool place with a lot to see and very different from the others areas we saw in the US and Canada. We went to little Italy one night for a pizza, we caught the subway all over the place and we even saw the movie "Cloverfield" while we were there, which is set in manhattan. We found the people to be the rudest of our trip with very little time for slow aussies - But we loved it all anyway


Times Square at night - big, bright, busy, boisterous and other alliterations


More times square


Me in Central Park - shite weather while we were there.


A busy little NY squirrel gathering more oak leaves for his dram (squirrel nest).


The great big lady of liberty looking very green.


A view across the great lake in Central Park with a view of the mid-upper east side in th background.


Corinne - cold and tired and ready for a snooze.


Corinne devouring another kebab/pita bread type thing from a street vendor - they were very very good and only 2-3$

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Anonymous said...

What a great trip you had! New York sounds like fun - pity about the rude people and the very cold weather. Sounds like you nee3d some Oz sunshine. xxx