23 July 2010

Hadrian’s Wall Walk

Back in June we went for a walk with Shannon, Myles, Danny and Emma.  We planned to walk along the route of Hadrian’s Wall.  The wall was the idea of the Roamn Emperor Hadrian and started around AD122.  The wall stretches from Newcastle on the East coast of England to Bowness-on-Solway on the west coast of England.  The whole wall was about 70-80miles wide.  We walked from Corbridge to Bowness on solway because the inital newcastle bit is not that nice.  We started on monday morning and walked about 10-13 miles (16-20 kms) per day.  We stayed in pubs and B&B’s each night and ate and drank ourselves stupid, including a lot of black pudding.


The Crew, in Corbridge, ready to start – rain and about 13 miles that day, sore feet but cold beer at the end of it all.


Corinne inspecting the wall for cracks


Shannon crying with joy after finding the wall


Walking through the woods, the girls leading the way, bear bait.


Corinne and Emma

IMG_5227_edited-1Danny – sly dog


The crew in a field of buttercups


Off down the road


Moody, shannon and Corinne


looking gorgeous even without colour


Rhinus contemplating her illustrious past


Shannon and Myles, just hangin out by the wall, looking sweet


Danny and Emma, notice the troll hair


Converging walls, which one to follow?


Fence, grass and tree

merged sycamore gap

Sycamore Gap, a popular photo opportunity

New Orleans 023_edited-1

Myles at the pub in Bowness – what a sweety

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Janine said...

What a lot of good fun.Great photos. I do like your new profile pic. You look young,healthy and happy. xxx