27 July 2010

Las Vegas – The Celebrity Spa Suite, MGM Grand

After we left New Orleans we flew to Las Vegas for the start of our Road trip and 3 nights in Vegas for part of Corinne’s 30th Birthday adventures.  We stayed in a snooty large room with a great spa.  The room was very comfortable with multiple rooms, lounges, huge bathroom etc.  It was great to come back from a hot session on the strip of people watching and cocktails and rest in our room and have a spa.

Las vegas 116_edited-1

A spacious bathroom for all our beauty goods and grooming sessions, spa in the mirror

Las vegas 117_edited-1

The Spa and shower.  A great way to relax before, after and during the day

Las vegas 120_edited-1

The king size bed, soooo big you don’t even have to go near each other, if that’s your thing

Las vegas 121_edited-1

The lounge, for all our business needs.


Janine said...

Very luxurious. I am envious, you licky people. xxx

Janine said...

Oops I meant to say lucky people.