18 July 2010

USA Trip – New Orleans 1

Hidey Ho,
We have recently returned from 5 weeks holidays.  We spent a week walking the Hadrian’s Wall trail from the east to the west of England.  After that we travelled around the US and Canada for 4 weeks.  I have managed to get some pics edited from New Orleans so will put these up before Hadrian’s. 
We spent 3 days with matt and kay at their house in Mandeville, which is across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans.

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Map picture

The lake is massive and the bridge across it is amazing.  The bridge and lake is about 20 miles wide, you can’t see the other side of the lake at all. 
We hung out with M and K, visited New Orleans with them and generally sweated a lot as it was about 38 degrees and 400% humidity. 
Las vegas 021_edited-1
Matt and Kays house from their back yard.  They have a cute house in a ‘Desperate House Wives’ type estate where everything looks manicured.  They have a pool and a huge garage and most importantly, air conditioning.  New Orleans was far hotter than anything we had ever experienced in Australia. 
 Las vegas 043_edited-1
Juvenile Red Shouldered Hawk.  These guys were hanging around the neighbourhood.  The garden had so many cool birds it was hard to concentrate.
Las vegas 090_edited-1
Squirrel, quite small and slim looking and much less furry than squirrels from colder areas
New Orleans 100_edited-1
Addie (Adelaide).  She is off course a rescue dog.  She was a little frightened of me but enjoyed the pool.
 New Orleans 127_edited-1
Corinne hammering a bit of toast
New Orleans 131_edited-1
Matty making us a BBQ first night there.  We had some great steak, corn etc.  A few local beers, food and friends – perfect.
 New Orleans 132_edited-1
Kay and Corinne looking sweet.
New Orleans 139_edited-1
Scruffy, Its his couch
New Orleans 180_edited-1
Carolina Wren.  These tiny guys were building a nest in one of M and K’s pot plants by their kitchen window.  They were very hard working and very cute to watch.
New Orleans 194_edited-1
Female Cardinal, a bit drab compared to her boyfriend but still good looking with the orange beak and crest
New Orleans 203_edited-1
Young Male Cardinal.  This guy does not have his full vibrant colours but he is still impressive.  I got a blurred pic of an adult male but no good pics.  His crest is folded down.  These little birds were very common and cool to watch.
 New Orleans 253_edited-1
Green Anole or Florida Chameleon.  This amazing little lizard was doing a little dance on the insect screens on the window.  He has the ability to expand his throat right out and it is bright red.  I could not get him to do this at an appropriate time.  He was also doing some sort of little dance which was very funny to watch.

New Orleans 108_edited-1

Kay by the pool, looking great


The Pettet Co. said...

The pics just keep getting awesomer and awesomer...

Janine said...

Love all those birds, Ben. So glad to hear you had a great holiday. Looking forward to more pics.